Ashlar Meeting Times


Formal Lodge Meetings

4th Monday of each month from September to June.


General Purpose Meetings

3rd Monday of each month from September to June.


Practice Times

1st Monday of each month or following GP Meetings.

Lesser Lights

Resources & Light

The [Ill-fated] Ashlar Newsletter




Peer Mentoring

Are you a new Mason looking for help in preparing your work? Are you a an experienced Mason with the desire to share you knowledge? Then join our ad-hoc peer-mentoring evenings where the work is prepared, discussed and enjoyed. Contact our Secretary to be put in touch with the Peer Mentoring Team.



Masonic Resources

Useful material, educations, protocol and etiquette guides, plus many other odds and ends to help you get more from Lodge life.



The Ashlar Library

A complete list of all written resources for our members to borrow.


Lodge Resources Program:

A collection of timely and useful masonic Replacement for the Facilifacts files.


Brother 2 Brother Facilifacts:

A collection of timely and useful masonic Brother 2 Brother news, events and information.




For the Mason

This Lodge is denominated Ashlar Lodge and is numbered 610 on the Grand Registry of Canada. As a recognized Masonic Lodge we operate from September to June each year with formal meetings taking place on the 4th Monday of each month.

Our Committee of General Purpose meets monthly on the 3rd Monday and is well attended. There is no GP meeting in December, July or August.

Officers are elected in October and Installation Night is held in November. Officers are expected to wear black tie for all regular meetings. As of 2007-2008 we are pleased to announce a full slate of Brothers in the chairs with only the Chaplain and I.P.M. being Past Masters.

We have an active group of members who welcome visitors and also frequently pay fraternal visits to other Lodges both within and outside of our District.

As a busy Lodge we are involved with a number of major projects. Each year in the spring we hold a Mardi Gras evening and a Rummage Sale to raise funds for various causes. We also hold a yearly golf tournament and many less structured social events..

For more information about our events, visit the Trestleboard or the Events pages.


Committees at Ashlar

The committees listed below are responsible for certain aspects of the Lodge activities. They are also excellent ways for members to become more involved and knowledgeable about Masonry in general.

Committee of General Purpose
This committee is composed of all Ashlar Members. It meets regularly on the 3rd Monday of each active month and is the governing body for all business, general, and social activities of the Lodge. This is a good meeting to attend if you are interesting in becoming involved in the active support of the Lodge.
Long Range Planning
This committee prepares for the future of the Lodge. They focus on planning for major events such as the long-term plans for our building, the upcoming centenary of Ashlar, and ensuring the processing of officers through the Lodge.
The Mentoring program is to tutor new candidates in the work, explain the ritual experienced in the appropriate degree and encourage active lodge participation and involvement. Assisting in the process are the Stewards for the E.A., the Deacons for the F.C. and the Wardens for the M.M. The program goal is to make a new Mason aware of his Masonic responsibilities and the empowerment, through knowledge, to conduct himself confidently in Lodge. The Mentor works closely with the candidate's Sponsor, whose responsibility is to put forth the candidate's name for initiation, and help him prepare for upcoming degree work.
Primarily deals with lodge members and their families needing financial assistance. It shall dispense relief in such a manner as may be decided upon by the lodge. Requests and recommendations are processed expeditiously and confidentially in accordance with Grand Lodge procedures and guidelines.
Building Maintenance (ad hoc)
This committee is responsible to keep all Lodge furnishings in a state of good repair and to make recommendations  to the lodge for replacements or upgrades. Any exterior work that is needed the Landlord is to be notified.
The brethren who make up the committee responsible for keeping in contact with the membership divide the responsibility of contacting the membership in order to bring to their attention such matters as: the passing of a brother to the Grand Lodge Above; emergent meeting arrangements when required; social events; fund raising events; plans to visit a brother who is ill or in distress; plans to make inter-lodge visits; plans to follow the DDGM on his visits; plans to support the education presentations by Ashlar to another Lodge on a fraternal visit.
The methods to be used in communication are:-- by email messages to those brethren who use that service regularly; by telephone calls to those brethren who prefer that or do not attend to their email on a dailty basis; by personal contact.
Monitors the financial affairs of the Lodge and submits reports and recommendations to the General Purpose Committee regarding financial matters. It regularly reviews the dues and fees structure to ensure their adequacy to meet the financial obligations of the lodge and is required to submit a budget for the ensuing Masonic year for approval at the September meeting of the General Purpose Committee.
Brother to Brother
Our mantra is "Retain, Revitalize and Renew the brethren in Lodge." Facilitation requires the sharing of knowledge and enthusiasm to Retain our new members; the sharing of experience and the pursuit of common goals to Revitalize our established brethren; and the sharing of concern and the empathy to understand to bring about Renewal to those members we see infrequently. Grand Lodge Committee Info.  Don't forget to get the latest B2B news from the Facilifacts PDF (right column)
Sponsor Liaison (ad hoc)
The Brother acting in this role is responsible for communication between the Degree Teams and Lodge Master and the sponsors of a Brother being considered for an upcoming degree. It is their duty to report the preparedness level, and availability, of the candidate.
Friend to Friend (ad hoc)
This informal committee exists to help the Lodge communicate with members of the community who are interested in the Craft.
Blood Donors
In his address to the 103rd Annual Communications of Grand Lodge the Late M.W. Bro. Harry L. Martyn formed a Special Committee called The Blood Donor's Committee. The terms of reference were; "The purpose of the committee is to assist agencies working in this field and to keep identified with their wonderful work." The task of this committee is to ensure that all Masons know about the work of Canadian Blood Services and to encourage the giving of blood. The Ashlar Blood Donor's Committee is tasked with encouraging Ashlar members, friends and family to donate blood on a regular basis. The committee also compiles accurate statistics as to the number of donations by members, friends and their families under the Canadian Blood Services, Partners for Life program. These statistics assembled by the lodge are gathered together by the District Chairman and then forwarded to the Grand Lodge Chairman.
Degree Teams
The work of the Lodge involving the assignment of the performance of various parts in the three degrees revolves around of the Trestle Board established by the Master for his year. Once a man has been ballotted for and accepted in open Lodge, the date is set for his initiation. In the coming months after the first degree, arrangements will be made for a date for his being passed to the second degree and similarily following that,  as he progresses, a date will be set for him to be  raised to the third degree. 
In the bank of information in the degree team manual is a record of the preferences of various brethren for the parts involved in the three degrees. The purpose of assigning these parts is threefold: to spread the work among the brethren in a meaningful way; to allow the brethren to participate as much as possible; to encourage our members to participate,get to know the candidates and have a feeling of accomplishment. 
MASONiChIP - Child Indentification Program
Ashlar members have taken a very active role in the Grand Lodge program aimed at protecting our community's children. Ashlar has hosted several seminars and volunteered for those held by other Lodges. Several members are also on the provincial Operations committee. Find out more about this excellent program at
Web Site
This web site is the focus of the members of this committee. The structure, content, and upkeep of the technology and material is their responsibility. Other members of the Lodge provide content and guidance for this group as they seek to offer communication and outreach tools for Ashlar.