Standing Events


Informal Mentorship

Learning the right way to move around the Lodge while at work is key to helping new Masons feel comfortable in the Craft. This ad-hoc team meets weekly to help any Masoon, new or old, brush up on their ritual floorwork and to stay abreast of new material, protocols and etiquette. Despite that, this is a lively and entertaining evening. Any Brother of any Lodge is welcome to attend. Usually held on Wednesdays.


Study Group

In late 2010, several Ashlar brethren began an informal Masonic Study Group for the London West District. All Masons are welcome to attend. Events are posted on our trestleboard.


Golf Tournament

The Ken Turner Memorial Golf Tourney is held each year in June. Strictly a social event, this day is enjoyed by everyone who attends - even non-golfers.


Memorial Service (In Lodge)

An in-Lodge service is held yearly to honour all Brothers who have forever laid down their tools and departed for the Grand Lodge Above. Usually held at the Februray regular meeting which is often also the first official DDGM visit.



Our October meeting is when our members indicate their interest in a role as Officers of the Lodge. During this interesting evening, each cadidate for office will take on the responsibilites of that chair. In recent years we have developed a pattern of performing a degree to show their readiness to hold that office.


Memorial Day Parade

Members Ashlar Lodge No.610 parade with others of the Byron community in this yearly memorial of our service men and women.


Installation Night

Our yearly changing of the Lodge Officers takes place in December. This night sees the Lodge rejuvinated as a new Worshipful Master and his Officers are installed and appointed. We typically start early on these nights be ready for a 6:45 start!


Events and Informal Highlights

This area contains information about specific events outside of the regular Lodge business.



Ashlar once again received the Conerstone Award from The Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario. This being the third successive receipt of the award and highlights the continued effort made by the Brethren of Ashlar to develop it's character and involve it's membership in fraternal activities.



In 2016 Ashlar received a new tin ceiling which came from the site of the Kingsmills Department Store in London Ontario. Present for the unveiling was Bro. Fred Kingsmills (center).


The 2012 Worshipful MasterThe dilligence and considereed leadership of W.Bro. B.Arnold in 2012 lead to several important milestones in the history of Ashlar Lodge.

W.Bro.Arnold marshalled the energy and capacity of this Lodge to become the first in the region to gain full "Cornerstone" status. This Grand Lodge initiative recognizes Lodges which provide a varied and inclusive combination of events and work.

In addition, this year saw a resurgence in the inter-lodge cooperaton within the London West Masonic District. The work and travel invested by W.Bro.Arnold in the previous year, and supported by the 2013 Sr.Warden, was instrumental in this effort.

The year was not without sadness and loss. However, the annual Remembrance Day parades also saw Ashlar out in force. Further, W.Bro. Arnold, with the help of V.W.Bro.M.Dale, performed a version of the Empty Chair ceremony for all fallen Brethren who had served in the Armed Forces. A special education was also provided to instruct and remind Brethren of the protocols to be observed at civic Memorial Services.

This year saw the return of the Master's Summer BBQ and a special MasoniCh.I.P. mini-event sponsored by Ashlar. In addition, the Lodge furnishings were updated as 130+ year-old chairs and podia were acquired from a Lodge in Brussels Ontario which was amalgamting with Wingham Lodge. Several Brethren contributed heaily to their resoration and care. The year closed with with Lodge if excellent shape and with harmony in the forefront.


2012 Officers

2012 Officers

W.M.B.Arnold (center) with senior officers Bro.J.M.Cousins, S.W. (right of center), Bro.A.Orlay, J.W. (left of center) and 2012 Officers.



The 2011 Worshipful MasterUnder the guidance of W.Bro.A.O'Donnell, this year saw a continuation of the standards set in the previous years. With a thankfully lighter year in terms of new applicants, Ashlar still performed emergent degrees almost every month for the purposes of Masonic advancement.

Several meetings of note this year included a visit to the Mt. Moriah Lodge building in Fanshawe Pioneer Village. This meeting took place in the historic building as the last event before the summer break. A third degree was proven in fine form by Bro.J.Gortzak to cap off this meeting.

Another event of note was our inclusion in the Doors Open London event for 2011. Thanks to the management by Bros. Cousins (JW) and Vardon, as well as the support of the W.M., this event was a huge success and attracted several hundred visitors to our building. During their visits they viewed photos, regalia samples and the Temple proper where many questions were answered. Ashlar members involved reported a sense of accomplishment in helping to dispel many myths about the fraternity held by some of the visitors who made the effort to learn about us.

During the Grand Lodge Convocation in Toronto, we were gratified to learn that our own W.Bro.D.Sanderson was elevated to the Grand Lodge position of Grand Sword Bearer. V.W.Bro. Sanderson's tireless efforts on behalf of Ashlar and the district have been justly rewarded.

The year closed with the passing of a major rewriting of the Lodge By-laws. Most of the changes were made for the purposes of clarity and consistency, while others were made to reflect the reality of the common practices. We thank Bro.B.Arnold, W.Bro.R.Hill, W.Bro.J.Workman, Bro.C.Henderson and others who contributed many hours to this overhaul.

In the course of this year we were saddened to see the passing for V.W.Bro. Phil Brown, Rt.W.Bro. Robert F. McLeod and Bro.B. Williams to the Grand Lodge Above.

Although not a year without blemishes and sadness, we closed the year in peace and harmony with the Installation of Bro.B. Arnold to the chair of King Solomon. The current Grand Master, the M.W.Bro. D.Gary Dowling and past Grand Master, M.W.Bro. Allan J. Petrisor were in attendance for this installation.


2011 Officers

2011 Officers

W.M.A.O'Donnel (center) with R.W.Bro.W.Booth (DDGM) (left of centre) and senior officers Bro.B.Arnold, S.W. (right of centre), Bro.J.Cousins, J.W. (far left).




The 2010 Worshipful MasterAfter the excitement of the 2009 renovations, 2010 continued the recent high volume of degree work at Ashlar. Only one regular meeting was held this year without some form of Degree work being performed, and all the emergent meetings were held for that reason alone.

This year saw a bit of a shake up in the Officer's progression as several Brothers stood aside for personal and employment related reasons. Fortunately, the spaces were filled admirably by the members keen to begin their progression.

We started this year with the dedication of our new Heavens (Bros. Pacheko, Barr & Cousins) and closed the year with the start of a new mural being designed for the entrance hallway at the foot of the stairs (Bro.Ludgate).

We also welcomed sevearl more experienced craftsmen to Ashlar by affiliation this year.These members bring decades of experience and vision to Ashlar and were very warmly welcomed.

As is ever the case, this past year we lost several notable Brothers to the Grand Lodge Above. Of particular note were the loss of W.Bro. T.Rozak (Sr.) and R.W.Bro.L.Carter. Their energy and contribution to the everyday life of the Lodge will be sorely missed.


2009 Renovations Complete


The 2010 Worshipful MasterThis year, W.Bro. J.Robert Sanderson sat in the east and oversaw a great number of degrees and changes about the Lodge building with humour and excitement.

The renovations begun in the summer of 2008 were completed just in time for Lodge life to resume in September. However, the last few items were completed in February 2009 with new chairs installed and all the artwork hung properly (and level).

A full panorama image of the renovated Lodge is available below the picture of the 2009 Officers.




2009 Officers

2009 Officers

2009 Ashlar Officers


Feb 2009 Lodge Room Panorama

View the other renovation photos.

2008 Grand Master's Visit

In April of 2008, Most Worshipful Allan J. Petrisor, Grand Master of Canada in the Province of Ontario visited Ashlar Lodge No.610. A banquet was held followed by a Lodge meeting where the Grand Master presided over several long-service awards and Lewis Jewel presentations. Below is a panormamic photo taken just following the meeting.

Post Meeting Panorama

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2007 Officers

2011 Officers


Committe of General Purposes

  • On the 3rd Monday of each operating month, members of Ashlar gather to discuss business and plan for the future. All Brothers of this Lodge are invited to attend.

Emergent Meetings

  • Ashlar is a busy Lodge! We generally hold at least one emergent meeting each operating month. This is done in order to support the number of applicants to the Craft.

Garage Sale

  • An annual garage sale is held at St. Anne's Church in Byron in the spring of every year. Check our Trestleboard for details which are posted early each year.

Inter-Lodge Visitations

  • With the start of active Lodge season we'll be resuming our normal schedule of visitations in the fall.

At other Lodges

  • Breakfast at Moffat #399 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month.


  • An informal, unofficial breakfast is sometimes held on Wednesday mornings at the Mocha Shrine.